Constitution & Bylaws


Article 1 – Name

The name of this club shall be:  Cullman Amateur Radio Club

Article II – Objects

The objects for which the Club is formed, any and all of which may be undertaken are:

(1) To promote the objects for which this Club is formed, any and all of which may be undertaken are better understanding between and to promote better social contact among the Amateur Radio Operators and persons in Cullman area interested in short wave communications.

(2) To increase and foster more efficient and reliable handling and relaying of traffic.

(3) To organize an active, reliable group of proficient Amateur Radio Operators to handle communications during such emergencies as may disrupt other lines of communications.

(4) To increase the knowledge of persons interested in short wave communications, both from an operating and theoretical standpoint, and to further the technical knowledge of the members of the club through the presentation of suitable discussions and explanations.

(5) To promote interest in short wave communications among interested persons through code classes, lectures and entertainment.

(6) To provide special assistance to handicapped persons who are interested in becoming Amateur Operators.

(7) To cooperate with the Amateur Radio Relay League in promoting the best interest of Amateur Radio.

Article III – Membership

The membership shall be open to all persons who are interested in furthering the ideals and objectives of the Cullman Amateur Radio Club, subject only to such reasonable qualifications and limitations as shall be set out in the Club bylaws.  Application for membership shall be oral or written to any officer of the club and will be approved by membership before acceptance as a member. Only licensed Amateur Radio operators who are full members will have voting rights.

Article IV – Officers

(1) The officers of this club shall be:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Activities Coordinator.

Article V – Duties of Officers


(1) The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club membership.

(2) The President is not entitled to vote in a regular meeting except in the case of a tie.  In this case, he shall cast the deciding vote.

(3) The President shall perform all the customary duties of his office and appoint committees when appropriate and needed.

(4) The President shall appoint a nominating committee at the last meeting in October. Their nominees will be presented for election at the regular meeting in November. Nominations from the floor may be made on date of election.  Officers will serve one year beginning January 1 of each year.


(1)  In the event the President shall be unable to perform the duties of the office, or, be removed from the office, the Vice-President shall assume the duties of President.  The normal duties of the Vice President are:  membership chairman, soliciting and encouraging new members, and publish or see that a newsletter is published.


(1) The Treasurer shall be authorized to open a checking account in the name of the Cullman Amateur Radio Club for payment of normal expenditures. The bank account will be made accessible by signature of the Treasurer or. the President or the Head trustee of the repeater.

(2) The Treasurer shall receive all monies and maintain accurate records of receipts and expenditures. All expenses must be authorized and recorded in club minutes before payment is made. A financial report will be given during each calendar quarter. Financial records shall be open for inspection by any regular member at a regular monthly club meeting.

(3) The Treasurer, at the expiration of the term of office, shall prepare a detailed Financial Report and remit the Financial Records to the successor of the Office.


(1) The Secretary shall maintain the official minutes of all regular club meetings, and meetings of the officers; maintain the official record of all changes in the articles of By-laws of the Club.

(2) The Secretary shall write all official correspondence for the Club, answer all official letters, and keep a file of correspondence of the Club.

(3) The Secretary shall assume the duties of the Club Treasurer full time until such time the officers deem it necessary to have a Secretary and Treasurer due to size of club.


(1)The Activities Coordinator duties shall be assumed by the repeater committee until such time the club has enough members to support additional officers. The duties of the Activities Coordinator shall include the following, but not limited to: Program Coordinator, Director of Emergency Communication and to coordinate all emergency plans and assistance activities of Cullman Amateur Radio Club. The Activities Coordinator shall be a Club member who does not hold the office of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Article VI – Trustees

The trustees shall consist of current officers of the Cullman Amateur Radio Club and Head Trustee.  The Head Trustee shall be the licensee whose call is used on the repeater(insert)unless this person delegates his authority to a person in the club who is approved by Officers and then the membership. All property shall be under their administrative control so long as the club has a nucleus of an organization.

In the event the Cullman Amateur Radio Club is dissolved then all property and assets will be automatically transferred to the control or be disposed of by 4 Amateurs, who are willing to serve, from the Cullman County Area who are or have been active members for at least 5 years. If there are none then the 4 members will be made up of the 4 oldest ranking members.

Article VII – Dues

(1) The purpose is to provide funds for current expense such as, but not limited to: Postage, printing, minor repeater repair and expense, and other items deemed necessary by the Officers of the Club.  The annual dues will be $10.00 payable January 1 of each new year. Any new member will pay a pro-rata of one dollar ($1.00) per month.
(2) Members not paying dues by March 1 each year will be barred from official actions of the club until dues are paid.  Dues will not be discounted if payment is delayed, but will require the full payment of $10.00.

(3) Family membership rate of $15.00 may be obtained where all members reside at the same residence. This would include unmarried family members attending college out of town.

(4) Associate Membership rate of $5.00 for nonvoting membership for non Amateurs.

Article VIII – Meetings

(1) Regular meetings will be held on the Third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM.  The meeting date, time, and place will not be changed during the year except when forced to vacate present premises and must be approved by Club Officers.

(2) All Club business will conducted at regular or called meetings. No club business will conducted at an ‘eatin meeting’. An ‘Eatin Meeting’ will be solely for the purpose of fellowship and socializing.

(3) The President may call a special meeting of the club by sending written notice to the members address shown on club records 72 hours before prior to the meeting.

(4)  In case of a special called meeting one third of the membership must be present for a quorum.

(5) Regular club business may be conducted by majority vote of voting members present.

(6) The order of business for the Club shall be:

1. Call to order
2. Introduction of Visitors
3. Report of Officers and Minutes
4. Communications (Letters, etc.)
5. Committee Reports
6. Election of New Members
7. Unfinished Business
8. New Business
9. Program
10. Adjournment – This sequence may be modified by the presiding officer

Article IX – Repeater

(1) The Cullman Amateur Radio Club shall retain the right to sponsor, maintain and control a repeater in any or all authorized coordinated frequencies in the VHF band and above.  Any CARC repeater will be operated as an open repeater unless interference and abuse becomes a problem.

(2) There shall be a repeater committee of three(3) persons holding valid and current amateur licenses, Technician or higher and shall be Club members. One being the head trustee.

(3) All upgrades or downgrades to the repeater and the equipment shall be approved by the club.  The owner or controller of the repeater site also must approve alterations affecting structure or site building.

(4) The repeater committee shall be responsible for the maintenance of the repeater and shall have sole access to repeater sites and equipment.  Other club members that require access shall do so through the Committee.  The maintenance shall be performed by the committee or by a person or persons under committee supervision. Any repairman shall be qualified and said person(s) shall be made known to the club.  The committee shall make the club aware of necessary repairs, why they are needed, and who will be doing the repair if projected repairs exceed $50.00.  If the committee is not qualified to project the expense then they shall come before the club and seek guidance from Club members before reaching out to commercial repairman and amateurs from other areas. $50.00 fund must be replenished by approval of trustees.

(5) There shall be no additions or deletions of peripherals connected to the repeater, housing, or equipment by anyone unless authorized by the Club.

(6) The repeater committee shall be responsible for maintaining a log at the repeater site. The log shall contain information as to what routine maintenance, names of person or persons visiting the site and dates and times.  This log will be made accessible to club officers and to the owner or controller of premise. The log shall be the only necessary notification to owner or controller of the premise (site).

(7) Users will be encouraged to underwrite the cost of an repeater upkeep, Auto-Patch, and telephone line if the repeater is so equipped.  Officers shall have the option of closing the autopatch to non contributing users if cost are not covered.

(8) Donations from Amateurs and other persons outside the area will be accepted to this fund and regular club fund, however, the donor will not have a voice or vote in the affairs of the Club and/or repeater operation.

Article X Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in “Robert’s Rules of Order Revised” shall govern in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with this constitution and bylaws.

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